Posted by: Rawya El Gammal | May 8, 2012

Stress Busters

So many people coming in with ailments or just stress feel that the hour slips away relatively quickly, and sometimes I have people lying there saying I wish I could be here for  hours, so I’ve designed a few treatment suggestions where a person can actually do that.  However, I will have to be booked for the day and prices may vary.  The only time I can possibly do that would be some Wednesdays and it would have to be a firm appointment, as I wouldn’t take any other appointments that day and it will be on a first come first serve basis.

 Here are a few samples, and do let me know what you think and email me if interested in booking  a ‘zen’ day : )

 Suggestion I

8 a.m  Reflexology while lying on hot Jade stones.

9-11 a.m Hot stone massage incorporated with  full body deep tissue and Myofascial work mixed with pure essential oils.

11- 12 Acupressure mixed with chakra balancing

12- 1 End the morning with a cranio-sacral therapy adjustment

1pm Rose herbal tea

The room will be booked for you, so you will have the luxury of just remaining there in a dimmed quiet room till ready to leave

 Suggestion II

Body Wellness

8-9 a.m reformer exercise session emphasis on breathing

9-10 a.m full body stretch

10-11 a.m breathing and autogenic relaxation

11+ guided meditation

 Suggestion III

Full body assessment

– Fitness testing

– biomechanical assessment

– Reflexology full body assessment

–  muscle energy testing/food allergies/organ energy testing

– Energy diagnosis/Energy cyst /organ mobility/motility

        Or Hypnotherapy regression


Consultations would be emailed a week prior to your session.

For more information, email





  1. Just reading the different suggestions is very relaxing!

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