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Kenisio- tape

Kenisio- tape

An interesting opinion, but those who use Kenisiotape- tape know the difference.  Hope you’re having a wonderful summer.

Posted by: Rawya El Gammal | June 16, 2012

Visceral Manipulation

I made a commitment to attend a certain amount of  modules/courses this year and there I am back from the UK after attending two more courses back to back. 

The first one was more on visceral manipulation, exploring the organs at a deeper level, attachments and learning to feel the nine layers beyond the skin.  Each layer has a feel, and a depth.  Each organ not only has a function and attachment but distinct features singling it out from the next.  Connecting the liver to the shoulder to arthrosis and the greater omentum,  other structures to the pelvis and the psoas muscle to the kidneys was one of the highlights of the course for me personally : ) 

The second course was more about deeper diagnostic techniques and learning how to listen to the body.  Unconventional assessment techniques allowing the therapist to figure out whether an injury is purely mechanical or could be due to an organ. By inhibiting an organ,, a joint’s range of motion can improve (within the diagnostic phase) and then working with the body towards restrictions can release a joint’s restriction into full range of motion.

I bow to the beauty and complexity of the  human body not only for the amazing vehicle we under estimate, but also to the ability to develop the deep sense of touch with the palm of the hand.

I look forward to incorporating these new techniques in sessions as the appropriate cases arise. 

I’m also hoping to be able to introduce you not only to Australian bush flowers which I’ve been working with the past few years but to Orchid essences which I’m slowly building up into my practice.  So please keep tuned for a wider range of essences in September.

Wishing you all a great summer.

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Stress Busters

So many people coming in with ailments or just stress feel that the hour slips away relatively quickly, and sometimes I have people lying there saying I wish I could be here for  hours, so I’ve designed a few treatment suggestions where a person can actually do that.  However, I will have to be booked for the day and prices may vary.  The only time I can possibly do that would be some Wednesdays and it would have to be a firm appointment, as I wouldn’t take any other appointments that day and it will be on a first come first serve basis.

 Here are a few samples, and do let me know what you think and email me if interested in booking  a ‘zen’ day : )

 Suggestion I

8 a.m  Reflexology while lying on hot Jade stones.

9-11 a.m Hot stone massage incorporated with  full body deep tissue and Myofascial work mixed with pure essential oils.

11- 12 Acupressure mixed with chakra balancing

12- 1 End the morning with a cranio-sacral therapy adjustment

1pm Rose herbal tea

The room will be booked for you, so you will have the luxury of just remaining there in a dimmed quiet room till ready to leave

 Suggestion II

Body Wellness

8-9 a.m reformer exercise session emphasis on breathing

9-10 a.m full body stretch

10-11 a.m breathing and autogenic relaxation

11+ guided meditation

 Suggestion III

Full body assessment

– Fitness testing

– biomechanical assessment

– Reflexology full body assessment

–  muscle energy testing/food allergies/organ energy testing

– Energy diagnosis/Energy cyst /organ mobility/motility

        Or Hypnotherapy regression


Consultations would be emailed a week prior to your session.

For more information, email




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Sports therapy updates

I’ve just returned from a cutting edge shoulder course taught by Jean-Pierre Barall himself. The first day was a very frustrating yet exciting event. I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling wondering what the past 20 years in sports therapy meant to me. This course was not only cutting edge, but a completely new exploration of the shoulder and it’s anatomy at a level my hands had never been before. Everytime we practiced on each other, my mind would shift to ‘weight’ what kind of touch am I supposed to apply? Is it light like cranial? or heavy like deep tissue work? is it visceral? is it intention? Anatomy should be anatomy wherever you go, but the precision of this work was mind blowing and by the end of the course I can clearly say my hands knew what to do, even if my mind seemed to interfere with the work.
To sum it up in a few words. The shoulder course I just completed is applying visceral work to the shoulder joint. It’s about listening to the body and locating the precise point to work with an insertion point and muscle,artery, nerve and to release the related organ which not only is an organ in function but with the mind-body connection.
I feel very privileged and lucky to have had the chance to train with such a wonderful tutor and ‘brain’. I look forward to applying some or all of the techniques in shoulder related injuries : )

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