Rawya El Gammal was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt studied sports and alternative therapies in the UK. She’s specialised in knee injuries and completed her International Masters’ Diploma in alternative approaches in knee related Injuries. With a mind- body approach in (W)holistic aromatherapy, (W)holistic reflexology/language of the feet and Jin Shin Do Japanese acupresure she returned to Egypt in the early nineties to set up the first co-ed Sports therapy & Wellness clinic and worked closely with Orthopedic surgeons and young athletes (especially young tennis players and gymnasts). With a passion in her field, she sat her licence exam with the Society of Sports Therapists and did some training with the Royal Marines. She furthered her interest in integrating the alternative approach with rehabilitation and trained in several levels of cranio-sacral therapy, somato-emotional release, hypnotherapy, myofascial release, deep tissue work and did a three- year course in Homeopathy. Rawya was a certified aerobics instructor, personal trainer and young athlete (sprinter and cyclist)before becoming a therapist.

She became an AFAA examiner and traveled with them on several occasions in the Middle East. She was the first to set up teacher training courses in aerobics and personal training in Cairo, Egypt in the 90’s and hosted AFAA certification workshops on many occasions.

Rawya was a host lecturer for sports therapy and mind- body on many occasions at Universities, hospitals, fitness associations and corporate organisations in Egypt and Canada. She returned to University in the UK in the late 90’s to complete a Masters’ in Exercise Science, fast and slow twitch fibers in rehab were her main interest. She’s done research on the effect of meditation vs exercise on blood pressure and wrote a monthly column for Sports & Fitness magazine from 1994-2000 as well as sponsored the first ‘read as you speak’ wellness magazine.

Rawya was awarded outstanding International student at College, and was acknowledged with an award of Excellence in health sciences in Calcutta, India, 2000 and was chair-women for the conference.

Rawya established Complimentary health, fitness & sport therapy, Inc in Halifax where she worked with other therapists. She trained in kenisio-taping, gymstick as well as completed 80 hours of training in mat & reformer pilates which she currently teaches one on one. She also completed training as a life coach with CCF and not only works as a life coach but incorporates it as Wellness coaching. She’s studied extensively with the Barral Institute completing studies in Visceral and Articular manipulation and neural manipulation.  She also completed a VM pediatric course, working on children as young as new born. She also certified to works with Australian Bush flowers.
She was appointed International Representative for Idea’s August World Convention in L.A, California 2013 & and 2014 in L.A.

With great passion and humility to the intricate & limitless beauty of the body and mind, Rawya offers a combination of methods in her work and assists people in restoring and maintaining health through an endless journey, either by deciphering the many layers a person accumulates through life as injuries or disease or guiding them through the different paths (rehabilitative, mind-body, body work or life coaching) to unleash them so that personal balance is achieved.

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  1. Thumbs up…. meya meya… when can i come see you, as a therapist not justas friend, i need to reserve an appointment for me and at least 5 others of my friends!!!

  2. Rawya, what a great blog and an interesting variety of treatments available….wish you all the best.xxx Hadya

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