Personal Training

Have you ever felt like starting an exercise program and lacked motivation
OR are unsure where to begin?

Do you feel you could be healthier, fitter or slimmer
AND are not quite sure which way to go?

Are you stuck in a lifestyle pattern
which isn’t encouraging you
consciously you know it is a healthier option?

Are you a sports athlete (amateur or professional)
AND wish to get into a more structured fitness program?

You may be ready to start a fitness program and may need to consult with a personal trainer.

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing.

Abraham Lincoln

What is a personal trainer?

A personal trainer is a fitness specialist who looks at you as an individual, your lifestyle patterns and designs individual tailor made fitness/exercise programs for you.

What to expect the first session:
– A long consultation: Questions will range from basic information, a health evaluation chart, indepth questions on your lifestyle, likes, dislikes, exercise history and eating habits.


Once your personal trainer has assessed your immediate needs, a biomechanical assessment and fitness test is administered.

*Biomechanical assessments screens for anatomical discrepancies, leg length differences, trunk deformities (scoliosis, lordosis or kyphosis) and eliminates any structural/joint weaknesses or damage.

*A fitness test: assesses your overall fitness from flexibility to cardiac output (breath). Weight, body fat mass and girth measurements are also taken, but numbers aren’t disclosed to the client. These figures are taken every 6-12 weeks to track progress.

Periodization: setting a short term and long term goal.

Once assessments are made, the personal trainer will sit down and plan a short term program (4-6 weeks) and a long term goal (6-12 months). A workout is designed and according to your needs, sessions will be scheduled. For optimal physical fitness, you’ll want to exercise three times a week and not necessarily with a personal trainer.

Some individuals would prefer following the program alone and return for regular follow ups. Others need the motivation of a fitness professional and therefore book sessions two to three times a week at hours which are convenient. Some individuals are injured, recovering from an injury, need remedial rehabilitation or need to continue a post operative exercise protocol.

What do I gain from a personal training session?
Unlike group activities, each program is tailor-made and altered as you progress. Group sessions are great, however, some don’t address your physique, level of fitness and don’t necessarily have a process of following up. Each person has different goals from getting generally fit, toned,losing weight, strength training to fitness specific workouts as well as one on one aerobic sessions.

What kind of equipment will be used?
Equipment will depend on the fitness specialist, their qualification and the facilities they operate out of.
Types of equipment used in these personal training sessions can range from any of the list below either as one gadget per session or a combination according to each one’s needs.

– Pilates Reformer/jumpboard
– Pilates tower
– Treadmill
– Spinning bikes,
– Step, Bosu, hand weights, body bar, kettle weights,dyna-bands, xertubes, rollers, gliders,
– Body blade, weighted balls, medicine balls, Swiss balls, bender ball,TRX
– Non weighted Mat Pilates workout, or non weighted floor workouts
– Aerial yoga material.
– Wobble boards, resistance equipment, speed ladder, parachute and discs to name a few.

Can I have a one on one aerobics class?
Yes you can. Any form of workout that the fitness professional holds a qualification such as :
– Aerobics, step aerobics
– Interval training, circuit training
– Kick-boxing, boxercise
– Pilates mat, pilates reformer
– Power walking, on the ball
– Stretch/tone & meditate
– Spinning, treadmill interval walking
OR a combination of workouts in one session.

How long do sessions last?
Usually sessions are one hour, but you can arrange your hours with your fitness specialist.

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