Visceral Manipulation

I made a commitment to attend a certain amount of  modules/courses this year and there I am back from the UK after attending two more courses back to back. 

The first one was more on visceral manipulation, exploring the organs at a deeper level, attachments and learning to feel the nine layers beyond the skin.  Each layer has a feel, and a depth.  Each organ not only has a function and attachment but distinct features singling it out from the next.  Connecting the liver to the shoulder to arthrosis and the greater omentum,  other structures to the pelvis and the psoas muscle to the kidneys was one of the highlights of the course for me personally : ) 

The second course was more about deeper diagnostic techniques and learning how to listen to the body.  Unconventional assessment techniques allowing the therapist to figure out whether an injury is purely mechanical or could be due to an organ. By inhibiting an organ,, a joint’s range of motion can improve (within the diagnostic phase) and then working with the body towards restrictions can release a joint’s restriction into full range of motion.

I bow to the beauty and complexity of the  human body not only for the amazing vehicle we under estimate, but also to the ability to develop the deep sense of touch with the palm of the hand.

I look forward to incorporating these new techniques in sessions as the appropriate cases arise. 

I’m also hoping to be able to introduce you not only to Australian bush flowers which I’ve been working with the past few years but to Orchid essences which I’m slowly building up into my practice.  So please keep tuned for a wider range of essences in September.

Wishing you all a great summer.

Published by Rawya El Gammal

I started my career in my late teens as a group exercise instructor and PT, then found my calling as a Sports Therapist where I worked with sports injuries and post op cases in the UK and Egypt. I found that people who came in needed support on a multitude of levels other than just return to sport, so I pursued my passion in studying more. Trained as a holistic therapist, hypnotherapy, homeopathy, Australian Bush flowers, then went onto a long journey of training at the Upledger Institute in craniosacral therapy followed by the Barral Institute in Visceral, Neural and articular manipulation. Over the years I developed my own techniques of work, incorporating the array of studies into sessions. A client would come in with complaints ranging from injuries, to random headaches and I'd take the time during a consultation to listen to what they have to say. Then I'd spend the rest of the session listening and assessing the body through biomechanical assessments, joint, visceral, neural etc assessments, listening techniques and by the end of the consultation will discuss with you what my opinion is and options. We'll set up a plan that works for you and take it from there. My intention isn't to keep you coming forever, but to get you up and going as quickly as possible. In 2000 my masters was on meditation vs exercise on blood pressure. Meditation was one of the things I had incorporated in my daily life since I was in my mid 20's but by the time I had teens, the practice became a little bit of a challenge with all other demands of life. For a series of consecutive years I took my family to a mindfulness retreat, and started reviving that aspect of learning into our lives, went onto to study SER (somatic-emotional release) and it was applied through my manual work practice. 3 years ago, I enrolled in a three year SE course, I'm completing year 3 and am now incorporating the work into my practice which doesn't necessarily require manual work. As an addition to the titles I'm also a life/wellness coach and behaviour change in practice coach in fitness, I added a few more bows to my tie by studying CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy through the Achology institute), NLP and Heart Math. The combination of all the studies and 30+ years experience in being a therapist helps me help you even more.

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  1. Thank you dearest Rawya for sharing your great news. With every good wish to you and blessings.

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