Thermal evaluation in Visceral Manipulation

Traveling to Ayr used to be an ordeal, but with time I now look forward to the long journey of diverse scents, sounds and sights.  I know I’ve arrived as the train passes a beach and my body immediately sinks into a knowing of the little town which shuts at 5 o’clock and the calmnessContinue reading “Thermal evaluation in Visceral Manipulation”

Dr John Upledger

Dr John Upledger aged 80 passed away this morning. A great man who contributed to the healthcare system and was one of the first to break down barriers. If you are a cranio sacral therapist trained at upledger or a client whose pain has been relieved by cranial work, I ask you to say aContinue reading “Dr John Upledger”

Getting to my last course reminded me of the movie ‘planes, trains and automobiles’  Towards the last leg of my journey, I suddenly thought how mad I must be traveling such a distance for three charged days, and double back to resume my life as if that pause never happened.  However, it’s hard attending suchContinue reading