Posted by: Rawya El Gammal | February 3, 2013

Thermal evaluation in Visceral Manipulation

Traveling to Ayr used to be an ordeal, but with time I now look forward to the long journey of diverse scents, sounds and sights.  I know I’ve arrived as the train passes a beach and my body immediately sinks into a knowing of the little town which shuts at 5 o’clock and the calmness that lies ahead.

Visceral manipulation is now being offered as a separate session in my practice.  I will continue using bits and pieces incorporated into other sessions, but people are now welcome to book for a full session to explore their organs and link the mind and the organ’s pathway.

Thermal manual evaluation was the title of the last course I attended.  It is yet another tool of diagnosis.  Studies have shown that hands can pick up heat discrepancies off the body as well as thermal diagnostic machines.  With thermal evaluation, a therapist can locate areas of dis-ease and not necessarily disease.  Through that, specificity is very important, and inhibiting several areas will locate the exact organ.  By further evaluations, a therapist can identify whether the problem is physical or emotional.  If the problem is physical, a visceral manipulation session will be given to the specified organ and its supporting organs.  If the issue is an emotional link, the therapist will be able to link brain centers to the organ to reconnect the link.  This is all done manually and cannot be compared to organ massage or energy healing.

Visceral manipulation is gentle, but not as soft as cranial.  It is deeper and does not need the use of oil, it needs a sound understanding of anatomy and physiology and an ability to feel the direction of pull of the tissues.  It is an excellent diagnostic tool which I incorporate into biomechanical assessments, eliminating or including organs in posture analysis and deciphering whether an organ is the cause of a joint injury as they share common connective tissues. 

I’m one step away from completing the series, and look forward to repeating them again and again as each time I will learn and understand more.  This is a never ending learning process and precision is not a course it’s a journey.

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